Yah Lah BUT...

Yah Lah BUT...

The most uncensored conversations and interviews from the much-censored country of Singapore. Hosted by Haresh & Terence from the comedy house Ministry of Funny.

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#294 - MOM mandates monthly rest day for migrant domestic workers & Ms Puiyi wears see-through top in London Museum

May 23, 2022

Minister of State for Manpower Gan Siow Huang announced that the Ministry of Manpower will be implementing a mandatory rest day every month for migrant domestic workers. We discuss why this new rule is being implemented, and…

#293 - Joseph Schooling calls for national dialogue on NS & Pink Dot called out for lack of inclusivity

May 20, 2022

Fresh off winning 2 gold medals at the SEA Games, Joseph Schooling called for a national dialogue on expectations of athletes serving their National Service. We discuss why this call is more significant than a similar rallyi…

#292 - Elon Musk puts Twitter bid on hold & companies luring workers back to office with food and parties

May 18, 2022

Elon Musk said on Tuesday that the purchase of Twitter would not go ahead unless he was given further assurances on the extent of fake/spam accounts on the platform. Some critics have derided this as a convenient excuse in l…

#291 - Singapore Catholic order member convicted of sex crime & young passenger scalded by boiling tea on Qatar Airways flight

May 14, 2022

In early May, a man who was part of a Catholic religious order that established a school in Singapore was convicted of sex crimes with two teenage boys that occurred in the ‘00s. Online commentators are still asking a lot of…

#290 - Should Singaporean women do NS & Elon Musk wants to reverse Twitter ban on Donald Trump

May 12, 2022

The age-old debate of women donning green as SAF conscripts came up in Parliament via the new MPs Carrie Tan and Poh Li-San. Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen shot down the suggestion very quickly, but we discuss whether there’s a…

#289 - Gov.sg Hari Raya Ad pulled after backlash & Goh Chok Tong’s scarecrow photo ruffles feathers

May 6, 2022

What a long weekend full of kerfuffles! The Ministry of Communications and Information removed its Hari Raya ad after it faced criticism for its supposed stereotyping of Malay families. Is it really stereotyping though? Also…

About the Hosts

Haresh Tilani Profile Photo

Haresh Tilani

Co-host, Co-creator, Co-Crazy Person

HARESH TILANI is a Singaporean writer, director, actor and co-founder of Ministry of Funny, one of Singapore's top comedy brands. He was talent-scouted for the starring role in HBO's first comedy in Asia, "SeNT", as Lead Actor and Associate Producer. In 2018, Haresh co-created, co-wrote and starred in “She’s a Terrorist and I love Her”, a comedy TV pilot which won HOOQ’s Asia-wide Filmmakers Guild 2018 and has been nominated for "Best Original Program by a Streamer/ OTT" and “Best Comedy Program” at the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2019. The show was commissioned for a full 8-episode series which was launched Asia-wide in Jan 2020 and quickly became HOOQ's most watched series in Singapore.

Terence Chia Profile Photo

Terence Chia

Co-host, Co-creator, Co-Crazy Person

Terence Chia is a Singaporean filmmaker who is known for his work under Ministry of Funny, one of Singapore’s top comedy brands. His series pilot for HOOQ's Filmmakers Guild 2018, "She's A Terrorist And I Love Her", was the winner of the competition, and will be released as a 8-episode TV series in 2020, with Terence as writer-director. He was also Associate Producer on "SeNT", HBO's first comedy TV series in Asia. In the commercial realm, Terence has directed work for clients such as Google, Uber and Kao Corporation.