YLB #8 - A SG Teacher Sexually Assaults Her Underage Student & A Malaysian Singer “Kidnaps” a Bear

June 15, 2019

A Singaporean teacher has sexual relations with her 15-year male student and some netizens ridiculously celebrate the boy’s “conquest”. We discuss why that’s nothing but a f***ed symptom of “toxic masculinity” that could screw him up for life. We also tr...

YLB #7 - Our genius solution to stop “chope-ing” culture, and why grading on a curve could prepare you for life

June 7, 2019

The “Anti-Chope-ing Movement” was in the news lately and a recent poll showed Singaporeans to be split 50-50 on the topic. We debate the whole thing and come up with a brilliant way to stop it. We also cover the “bogus” SMU Professor who gave all 169 of ...

YLB #6 - The cost of the keeping mum & dad alive, and Singapore’s first public “shooting”?

May 30, 2019

What would YOU pay to keep your mum & dad alive when old, plus SG's first drive-by “shooting”. We cover a much-debated study on the costs for elderly Singaporeans to have a "basic standard of living" (which includes "needs" like bluetooth speaker, annual...

YLB #5 - Tosh Zhang cries over Pink Dot drama, and say hello to an escort service for Singapore "influencers"

May 23, 2019

We cover Tosh Zhang's dramatic week and whether he needed to cry on video, before checking out Maybe.sg, a dodgy (and horribly-designed) website that offers 2-hour "dates" with Influencer-esque people for $60-$200 per date. Our "One Shiok Things" for thi...

YLB #4 - "Peeping Tom Patrol" at NUS kicks off and why Bubble Tea lovers might have self-esteem issues

May 17, 2019

We wrap our heads around not just 2 but FOUR recent happenings - the latest initiative to stop the onslaught of "Peeping Toms" at NUS, Bubble Tea lovers and their (apparent) insecurities, an evil genius who tried to use his ex-gf's Instagram to get laid ...

YLB #3 - Michelle Chong does an OOPSIE and why slurping in Japan might end forever

May 9, 2019

We discuss the recent OOPSIE by Michelle Chong and our dear K Shanmugam about a ridiculously important issue, and why slurping in Japan is under threat. If you're wondering what kind of slurping, LISTEN TO THE PODCAST. Muackz ;) Say hello to MOF! Insta...

YLB #2 - Facebook wants to help you find f**k buddies, and why Lionel Messi could be ruining football

May 2, 2019

We discuss (read: freak out) Facebook's new dating app called Secret Crush that could be yet another way they're gonna take over our lives, and why Lionel Messi could be more like the Devil of Football instead of it's God. Say hello to MOF! Instagram, ...

YLB #1 - Monica Baey vs Sexual Harassment & Why Dogs Love Their Poo

April 25, 2019

We discuss the state of sexual harassment in Singapore, the case of Monica Baey vs. Nicholas Lim and NUS, and why dog owners are OK with being licked by their dogs but not-so-OK being licked by people. Or at least some people. Say hello to us! Instagram...

The MOFShroom EP5 - The Funny in Marriage with RISHI & SHARUL

Feb. 17, 2018

From the first season of our podcast titled "The MOFShroom" - We chat with RISHI BUDHRANI and SHARUL CHANNA, 2 stand-up comedians from Singapore who are slowly putting our country on the world map. While dealing with their marriage to each other, of cour...

The MOFShroom EP4 - The Most Controversial DATING APP Ever

Jan. 31, 2018

From the first season of our podcast titled "The MOFShroom" - We chat with HERBERT and KYLIE, the co-founders of the dating app HighBlood, which gained WORLDWIDE notoriety back in 2017 for a controversial picture ad they posted on Facebook.

The MOFShroom EP3 - My Grandfather's Road with STICKER LADY

Jan. 24, 2018

From the first season of our podcast titled "The MOFShroom" - We talk with Sticker Lady, Sam Lo, the street artist famous for 'MY GRANDFATHER ROAD' graffiti and the iconic black stickers pasted all around Singapore in 2012. She is also the founder of a c...

The MOFShroom EP2 - What Dafuq is Bitcoin with DR PRASH

Jan. 19, 2018

From the first season of our podcast titled "The MOFShroom" - What is Bitcoin? We have no idea. Which is why we got Dr. Prash Puspanathan from the Bitcoin brokerage Caleb & Brown to break it down for us layman. Be prepared to have your mind BLOWN!

The MOFShroom EP1 - FAKKAH FUZZ Angers the Malaysian PM

Jan. 12, 2018

From the first season of our podcast titled "The MOFShroom" - IT'S OUR FIRST PODCAST EVER! And our first ever guest is the enigmatic stand-up comedian, FAKKAH FUZZ! We chatted about anything and everything.