Favorite SG podcast

Was asked to submit a review, happy to do so. Look forward to each episode and their discussions on local news. 5 stars!

daily dose of local news for gen z

been listening since their election episodes and caught up with all the episodes ever since

Natasha Riaz Qureshi

Hahahah so funny


This is a good podcast to listen to while exercising. Gain quite a lot of knowledge through your podcast. Thanks and keep it going.

Awesome but

Can you add a jingle or something at the end of each podcast lol because sometimes it just switched to the next without any warning lol. Or switched to the next which I paused halfway

Running companion

Perfect workout buddies for your solo runs!

Entertaining podcast series

Listening to your podcasts kinda made 2020 much more bearable. Pls continue!


What an awesome podcast! Very singaporean!

Like drinking teh/kopi with friends

This podcast is just like sitting with 2 friends, having some drinks, and chatting about Singaporean current events. Haresh and Terence have great chemistry — there is never a lull in the conversation, which meanders thoughtfully and organically. Their episodes are long, but I have enjoyed every single second!

Keep it coming!

Love your #GE2020 commentaries. I’m waiting daily!

Damn shook

Wah. This program dammmmmmmmmmnnnnnnn shiok sia

Just awesome

Pretty damn awesome

A breath of fresh air!

Equal parts hilarious and serious- YLB is a unique blend of entertainment and education. Authentic, wry and funny- it feels like you’re listening to friends. Will make you want to laugh and cry at the same time.